What am I working on at the moment?

Karthik (Working Title)

The obligatory sitcom pilot

I haven’t figured out the pitch just yet, but in my head it’s a South Asian Frasier (in premise, if not in quality). Basically: Karthik’s dad moves in next door — conflict, culture clash and hijinks ensue. I finished the first draft before Christmas, and I’m aiming to get the second one done by April.

Smash Cut To:

A blog and newsletter

In the spirit of showing my work, I’ve started a blog! I’d describe it as a notebook of what I’m learning and thinking about the moment. If you’re interested, you can also subscribe to my weekly newsletter, Smash Cut To:. As well as my blog posts, it includes things I’ve enjoyed in the past week (e.g. shows, essays, learning resources) and updates from The Wall of Personal Deadlines.

Rocks & Pebbles

Make time for the things that matter

An iOS app that helps you focus on your priorities. I finished a basic version last summer, but it didn’t work on iOS 14 — so I’m currently rewriting it from the ground up. I’ve got it back into a state where I can use it myself, and I’m aiming to submit it to the App Store before summer.


A series of sketches

I’ve started writing more of these, but this project is basically on hold until I feel safe filming things again. In the meantime, you can see the first two sketches here.

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