Keeping On Track

Two approaches for keeping the momentum going.

I find it very easy to not do the work I want to do. Here are two things I’ve tried to stay on track:

Write Every Day

When I was working on my last Fringe show, I vowed to write every day, for at least ten minutes.

(I wanted to avoid the mistake I made with my first Fringe show, where I had a couple of decent previews in March and then took my foot off my gas for several months — oh boy, the regret.)

Sure, it was sometimes a slog — especially on days where I e.g. chose to watch a 10pm comedy show after work and then had to do ten minutes on my phone, half-asleep on the train home.

But it felt nice to keep the chain going and watch all the work build up over time, even if it didn’t feel like that much on any given day. And it made me realise that I work best when I’m focusing on just one big creative project at a time, which is something I still try to do.

Dedicated Days

Now that I’m lucky to work part-time, I prefer to use dedicated days: I don’t write on work days — and instead concentrate it all on Thursdays and Fridays (and sometimes the weekend).

Instead of ten minutes, I aim to do four hours of writing – and nothing else.

(Note that I use the word ‘aim’ very liberally here: sometimes I get there by early afternoon; most times I don’t get close. This is next on my list of things to improve.)

It was tricky at first, because part of me wants to be working all the time until I make it. But the balance is nice, and I don’t have to keep deciding when to write (just like I don’t decide to show up to work). Plus: focusing on just one project means that it always feels like I’m making progress.

Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. (Heck, there isn’t even one-size-fits-me approach.) But these are two options you can try if you’re ever struggling to stay on track too.

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