Reading Scripts

I should probably start doing this...

I recently watched a Q&A with the agent Julian Friedmann. At one point, he described an exercise he did at the beginning of screenwriting classes he used to teach:

I’ll often say: “How many of you read fifty scripts a year?” And generally, two or three hands go up. “How many of you read more than a hundred scripts a year?” And generally no hands go up, unless there’s a script editor in the room. And at that point, to make the point, I’ll usually put all my papers and stuff into my briefcase, stand up walk to the door and say: “I’m wasting my time. You guys are not serious.” And I do that stupid gesture, because if you think about it, you claim you want to be screenwriters, and you can’t be bothered to read two scripts a week?

As you know, I recently switched from the question of why aren’t I a successful writer yet? to why haven’t I done all the obvious things I need to do in order to become a successful writer?

And reading scripts is definitely high up on that list 😬

So with the help of a screenwriting accountability buddy, I’m going to start reading a script a week! (I know Julian said two scripts a week, but starting small is a better way to build habits…)

Script Breakdown

My current plan: I’m going to go through each scene and note down the following:

If you have any other thoughts on things I should look out for, please let me know!

I’ll share these notes on my new Breakdowns page – the first one is for one of my all-time favourite pilots, Community by Dan Harmon. So do you want to join in? 🥳

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